What Makes Infiswift Fabric Different?

Rapid ROI

Quickly realize your return on investment by building your Enterprise AI solutions on the Infiswift IoT+AI Fabric. Since all the necessary building blocks are already present in our Fabric, you just need to point us to your data and we’ll deliver insights and foresights in no time!

Seamless Integration with IT/OT and Existing Systems

Infiswift’s IoT+AI Fabric helps to bring together the IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operational Technology) scenarios in a seamless manner by orchestrating the communication, data, visualization, decision-making, etc across the IT/OT systems. The Fabric’s modular architecture helps plug-and-play components from existing infrastructure in the enterprise. The Fabric’s flexible APIs help integrate with existing systems quickly.

Deploy anywhere

Infiswift’s Fabric architecture is cloud-agnostic. Because of this, we’re able to provide these three options for the deployment of the IoT+AI Fabric to realize your Enterprise AI goals:

Option 1: Cloud Deployment
Infiswift takes charge of hosting and managing the IoT+AI Fabric according to your choice of AWS, Azure, Google cloud, etc. You just connect your devices and applications. The Fabric provides isolation not only between customers but also between customers of each customer so that everyone’s data is isolated from one another. Here’s a video that explains our extremely fine-grained security model.This is the fastest path for solution development and recommended option for most enterprises.

Option 2: On-Premise Deployment for added security
For customers that have their own datacenter or on-premise infrastructure, you can host Infiswift IoT+AI Fabric on such infrastructure which will reduce your cloud costs by up to 75%. This option also enables enterprises that have security restrictions where their IoT data cannot leave their production/corporate networks. In other words, instead of requiring you to export your data, we bring the Fabric to where the data resides. This is possible due to the unique architecture of Infiswift IoT+AI Fabric which was built from the ground-up for this very purpose without taking a dependency on any cloud components.

Option 3: Cost Effective Edge deployments
For customers that need a cost-effective way to orchestrate a large number of sensors and equipment at remote sites, the Infiswift IoT+AI Fabric can be deployed on an edge gateway device. Instead of having to connect the various sensors and equipment on a standalone site to the cloud which adds to both latency and cost, enterprises can connect such sensors and equipment to a local edge gateway that runs the Infiswift IoT+AI Fabric. The Fabric can – optionally – connect to the cloud and perform an edge-to-cloud sync as shown in this video. Configurable settings in the Fabric lets enterprises decide the frequency at which different data streams get sync’ed to the cloud so as to reduce bandwidth costs. In this deployment option, the machine learning models get trained in the cloud and the trained models are pushed down to the edge gateway device so that all the predictive capabilities of the Fabric are still available at the edge. This deployment option also enables orchestration of latency-sensitive workloads where enterprises do not want to introduce a cloud or an internet dependency, especially for real-time events such as critical faults or emergency alarms that need to be acted upon in milliseconds. The MQTT broker that is part of the Infiswift IoT+AI Fabric is capable of facilitating end-to-end communication between such edge devices with sub-millisecond latency

End-to-End Enterprise AI Solutions

Infiswift Technologies also specializes in building end-to-end AI solutions tailored for your enterprise. With the various flexible deployment options afforded by the IoT+AI Fabric, you can cut development time for your solutions by over 50%. Most enterprises simply cannot afford the time, cost and energy to evaluate the various AI technologies, build a data science team, create a big data analytics infrastructure, what to speak of scaling it across hundreds or thousands of users and maintaining it 24×7. Infiswift Technologies takes care of all of that by providing building of the machine learning infrastructure as a service, so you can use your time effectively for making data-driven decisions from the insights and foresights delivered by our custom-built applications.