Infiswift brings powerful, project-ready artificial intelligence to real world challenges.

The IoT + AI Fabric is Infiswift’s flexible, enterprise scale, secure platform built from the ground up to integrate with your existing technology. Deployments show value to your projects fast by leveraging powerful functions where you need them—on edge computing, the cloud, and even hybrid configurations. Learn more about how the Infiswift Fabric can bring AI to your projects below.

AI Vision

Detect defects. Validate product installs. Remote inspections. Confirm PPE compliance in real time.

AI for Assets

Track assets. Location-based alerts. Real-time inventory control.


Track teams. Orchestrate equipment fleets. Dynamic triggers. Achieve optimal results.

AI for Machines

Power SCADA with AI. Add intelligent controls to legacy equipment. Predictive maintenance.

AI for Data

Digitize legacy data. Answer questions before they’re asked. Query unstructured data. Predict trends.

IoT Core

Connectivity at scale. Intelligent provisioning. End-to-end security.

Infiswift Technologies has powerful industry solutions, delivered by our experienced team.

Oil & Gas

Digitization of legacy data and systems. Remote equipment inspections. Data mining, and more.

Learn how Infiswift powers Oil & Gas Solutions.


Reduce bottlenecks. Optimize equipment. Automatically detect defects and more.

Learn how Infiswift powers Manufacturing Solutions.


Extreme weather mitigation. Intelligent operations and maintenance. Eliminate nuisance alarms and more.

Learn how Infiswift powers Energy Solutions.


Orchestrate complex operations. Reduce risk. Trace crop origin and more.

Learn how Infiswift powers Agriculture Solutions.

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