Machine Learning as a service

Most enterprises simply cannot afford the time, cost and energy to evaluate various AI technologies, build a data science team, create a big data analytics infrastructure, let alone scale it across hundreds or thousands of users while maintaining it 24×7. Infiswift Technologies delivers Machine Learning as a Service, so you can use your time effectively for making data-driven decisions from the insights and foresights delivered by our custom-built applications.

Infiswift’s Machine Learning as a Service is available on a 6-12 week trial basis. You can give us your most challenging problem and we can demonstrate how we can use IoT and AI to solve it through a quick pilot deployment. Our goal is to help you quickly realize how you can get a return on your investment by building your Enterprise AI solutions on the Infiswift IoT+AI Fabric.


Manufacturing Optimization as a service


Infiswift Technologies offers professional services to manufacturing plant owners to increase plant productivity and avoid events that cause interruption in production, get daily/weekly/monthly reports, get expert recommendations, plan upgrades and optimize maintenance operations. Infiswift leverages a state-of-the-art AI-driven Manufacturing Plant Optimizer solution to quickly calculate the bottlenecks in your plant operations in a fraction of time and cost. Whether you operate a plant that manufactures a few thousands of items or several millions, you can save hundreds of thousands of dollars by optimizing your manufacturing plant by implementing the recommended improvements.

Infiswift’s Manufacturing Plant Optimization as a Service is available on a 6-12 week trial basis. We can ingest existing data from your plants and demonstrate how we can use the AI-driven plant analytics to deliver you insights on your plant performance and also use our predictive analytics capabilities to give you invaluable foresights.


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