Data Scientist / ML Engineer

Infiswift Technologies is looking for a strong machine learning engineer for the team that is developing several new and exciting IoT+AI applications for one of our multi-billion-dollar customers. Examples of these applications are:

  • forecasting energy consumption and production in renewable energy space based on weather, irradiance and other features
  • optimization of industrial energy storage battery charge and discharge schedule based on constraints such as energy tariff, solar production, penalty for exceeding maximum energy consumption from grid, etc.
  • optimization of complex manufacturing pipelines using machine learning on the data from hundreds of sensors.
  • detecting incorrect product installations using image recognition techniques to improve safety and productivity
  • predicting faults by detecting anomalies and recognizing complex behavioral patterns from petabytes of data generated from industrial equipment to avoid expensive maintenance

The common goal of these applications is to increase productivity, predicting and preventing downtime that would save hundreds of millions of dollars for our customers, while building the tools in parallel to reuse and generalize such work into our core IoT+AI Fabric to reduce the development time for future applications. Also these applications should improve their performance continuously over time by automatically learning and adapting from the availability of new data and help customers forecast demand and production to optimize the cost of using resources.


Minimum qualifications:

  • Ability to design and implement AI and machine learning algorithms for enterprise and research applications
  • Ability to write solid, production grade code in Python with minimal supervision
  • Strong logical and analytical reasoning and problem-solving skills
  • Demonstrable proficiency in at least one ML framework such as Tensorflow, Keras, Pytorch or Mxnet
  • Bachelor’s Degree or relevant experience in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Data Science, Mathematics or Statistics with specialization in AI and Machine Learning

Preferred qualifications:

  • Master’s Degree or relevant experience in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Data Science, Mathematics or Statistics.
  • At least two years of relevant work experience.
  • Experience building IoT/Analytics-related features and/or products
  • Demonstrable ability to learn basic concepts of any new domain where data science techniques are to be applied (energy industry, manufacturing etc) and to be able to review existing literature on various methods that could be used to solve problems in such domains.
  • Proficiency in computer science fundamentals such as data structures, algorithms and networking
  • Knowledge of Big Data tools like Hadoop, Spark and Hive.
  • General-purpose python programming (backend, front end, or both) to develop end-to-end AI-driven applications and automation tools.

How to Apply

This position may be based near our Milpitas, California office, or may be filled from a remote location. Interested candidates should email