Infiswift IoT + AI Fabric

The Infiswift IoT+AI Fabric is our flagship software through which you can quickly collect, store and analyze data from your business operations through the combined power of the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence in order to provide you the necessary insights and foresights that help you increase productivity, reduce costs, enable new business opportunities and make other data-driven decisions.

The Fabric is available as SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) via subscription. It is also available for enterprises to install completely locally on their own servers to power on-prem applications. Infiswift also provides professional services to build your custom applications on top of our Fabric.

Learn more about Infiswift IoT + AI Fabric here. 


Infiswift Well Manager

The Infiswift Well Manager is an AI-driven technology that can work with any pump-off controller. With zero-programming, and zero up front cost, your pumps benefit from letting artificial intelligence tune your operating parameters. By employing advanced machine learning capabilities of the Infiswift IoT+AI Fabric, the Well Manager analyzes each well’s dynocards, classifies them, and alerts the operators on anomalies. Mobile and web dashboards deliver easy to understand predictive analytics for real-time and historical performance of your wells.

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