Infiswift Machine Learning

Machine Learning as a Service

Make super-powered decisions using Infiswift Machine Learning as a Service. Use our flexible data connectors to import historical data, stream real time data, and reach the insights you need to keep your business competitive. We can provide a trained model for structured machine learning, or leverage the power of unstructured machine learning to uncover patterns you may not know to look for. Prefer to keep your data locally? Configure our powerful APIs to process data in your environment.

Whichever approach is right for you, the power of Infiswift Machine Learning can be deployed rapidly and cost effectively to solve your problems.

Option 1 – Ingest your data

Using this approach, your data is ingested into the Infiswift Technologies platform where our Machine Learning can rapidly access and deliver results to your team.

Option 2 – Import Infiswift ML Model

Using this approach, your data never leaves your IT environment, and our team helps you configure the API interface which leverages our Machine Learning model in your domain.

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