Asset Tracking

Infiswift Technologies helps enterprises keep track of their moving and stationary assets. Whether you have hundreds or millions of assets, using the Infiswift IoT+AI Fabric, we can develop the most elegant solution that scales cost-effectively as you add more assets. Partnering with a variety of vendors who specialize in Bluetooth Beacon Technology, we offer you a full turnkey solution that includes hardware, gateways, servers, mobile applications, database, machine-learning-based advanced analytics, and operational support.


Case Study

A service company manages hundreds of workers and vehicles, utilizing thousands of tools across always-changing sites and geographical regions. Tools regularly change between vehicles and sites, and the company needs the ability to track location for all assets in real time. They need to be able to track the last known location of lost tools, correlate with which worker/vehicle carried those tools, the time it was last seen, etc. They also want advanced analytics on tool usage so that they can better plan for investment in expansion costs.