Extract and Convert Data from Unstructured Documents Using Infiswift’s AI Data Digitization Solution

Over years of operation, formats and technology change, making it harder for modern software to read and interpret older data. The cost and time to manually convert legacy data are prohibitive. Existing data conversion isn’t feasible when multiple formats and data structures exist. We help your company unlock insights and data that were previously inaccessible.

How It Works

AI Digitization goes beyond file conversion and basic OCR. We deliver true insights based on the meaning of the information your legacy files and data contains.

It can take days and weeks to manually review legacy documents. AI Digitization can deliver better insights in minutes, enabling your team to identify key decisions faster.

Infiswift Technologies works with your company to maximize data synergy with enterprise software and your business needs. With our AI digitization module, we can recognize a wide range of file types and embedded data structures.

We create a custom dashboard that enables you to easily add gigabytes of documents without requiring manual file organization. All the data needed is extracted from the legacy documents and organized in a structured database.

We deliver value when your legacy data is truly enterprise scale – thousands to millions of records.

    Legacy Data Conversion Sources

    We take your legacy, unstructured data and convert it to structured data to be read by modern applications and reporting engines. 

    PDF Schematics: Flattened raster images and text, as well as preserved vector-based images and searchable text, tables, and combination documents are all analyzed and converted.

    Plain Text Logs: Text logs may be searchable, but they lack data structure to support queries and ingest into data mastery platforms.

    Contracts: Contracts and legal documents contain key commitments, dates, client relationships, and other comparable data that can be organized into reports showing trends and relationships.

    Spreadsheets: Data sets and mixed data table formats, embedded images, and reports formatted inside spreadsheets are all converted to a common data structure.

    Raw Data Streams: Data streams may be machine-readable, but are often lacking the correct structure for reporting systems and modern applications to ingest them.

    Email Archives: Institutional knowledge, key events, client and project trends and risks, and more can be easily accessed after email archives are converted into structured data.

    Data Conversion Technologies

    We use the right combination of technologies based on the data inputs and outputs your project requires.

    AI Vision: Images, video, schematics, and other information that is visual in nature is recognized by an AI and converted into structured data.

    OCR (Optical Character Recognition): Flatted scanned images and other image files are converted to text and numerical data, which can then be analyzed and converted to the desired data structure.

    Unsupervised Learning: Often, early phases of a data structuring project require finding answers before the right questions are fully understood. Unsupervised learning finds patterns and relationships present in the data which can lead to further analysis.

    Open Source Libraries: We can incorporate open-source code that brings out the best data from your file conversions. It’s proven, reusable, and supported by the open-source community. This drastically reduces the time and effort for developers to write custom code from scratch.

    Proprietary File Formats: Many file formats are closed and proprietary, requiring novel approaches that combine techniques to extract the embedded data that we are bringing into the structured data environment.

    Data Conversion Outcomes

    Since we work in agile development cycles, most projects show initial results within the first 30 days.

    Custom Insights & Reports: Go beyond basic searches, and unlock insightful reports that are fully customizable and are based on your data context and meaning.

    Review Dashboard: For projects requiring real-time or regular updates, we create a custom dashboard, enabling your team to interact with the data and results, including providing quality feedback that improves the results over time.

    Query-Ready Data Sets: Your developers and stakeholders can access data sets directly, using standard queries, and integrate the results in the data environments that they already use.

    Excel Project Files Unlocked:
    Avoid hundreds of hours manually extracting data, even across different table structures, so that real insights across all the data can be accessed.Your developers and stakeholders can access data sets directly, using standard queries, and integrate the results in the data environments that they already use.

    Legacy CAD Data Converted:
    Hundreds or even thousands of CAD files contain critical organizational and performance data, which can be accessed and ingested by modern AI and data analytical platforms.